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Results last updated: 05/06/17

Team Dowe Team Dowe: M-Team of 2

Place in Overall Team: 35 Place in M-Team of 2: 32 Total Laps: 11 Km Ridden: 110 Last Lap Finished At: 21:04:18
Lap Plate Rider Name Lap Time
11237SUITeam Dowe Team Dowe45:42
21237SUITeam Dowe Team Dowe43:19
31237SUITeam Dowe Team Dowe36:34
41237SUITeam Dowe Team Dowe44:18
51237SUITeam Dowe Team Dowe37:44
61237SUITeam Dowe Team Dowe44:44
71237SUITeam Dowe Team Dowe39:55
81237SUITeam Dowe Team Dowe48:39
91237SUITeam Dowe Team Dowe37:03
101237SUITeam Dowe Team Dowe41:25
111237SUITeam Dowe Team Dowe14:04:55